Top 10 Hottest Attorneys General, According to President Obama

Top 10 Hottest Attorneys General, According to President Obama

Though President Obama recently apologized to California State Attorney General Kamala Harris for dubbing her the “best-looking” State Attorney General, his work is far from over. Obama must now apologize to nine other incredibly attractive AGs.

Feeling the burn of presidential slight are runners up: Attorney Generals Kathleen Kane (D) of Pennsylvania, Pam Bondi (R) of Florida, Lisa Madigan (D) of Illinois, Doug Gansler (D) of Maryland, Lori Swanson (D) of Minnesota, Marty Jackley (R) of South Dakota, Martha Coakley (D) of Massachusets, Jack Conway (D) of Kentucky and Missouri’s Chris Koster (D), who has beautiful clear blue eyes.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s husband was reportedly upset that his wife wasn’t top of Obama’s list, as she is a dead ringer for Nancy Kerrigan and looks excellent in power suit.

“Attorney General Kane has no comment, but her husband respectfully disagrees with the president,” said Dennis Fisher, the attorney general’s spokesperson. []

Hottest Attorney General

Kathleen Kane, Attorney General of PA and Obama’s “second choice.”

Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi, who has the sexiest name of any Attorney General, had little chance of winning Obama’s heart since she is a card carrying Republican. Floridians feel she was robbed.

Best Looking Attorney General Pam Bondi

Bondi has the beach babe look that would have made her a natural winner in George Bush’s AG beauty contest.

Next up is Lisa Madigan (D) of Illinois. Madigan has that Sarah Palin look that was so popular several years back, and from some angles, she even looks like Demi Moore.

Sexiest Attorney General

Most Attractive Attorney General

Lisa Madigan has been on the cover of magazines, obviously she’s the most beautiful, right?

Given Obama’s ties to Illinois, her lack of recognition is striking to Chicago news outlets and to Madigan herself, who favors a runner up.

“Kamala is terrific. But if you ask me, I’d vote for Jack Conway. But let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of competition—there’s a reason people say elected office is ‘Hollywood for ugly people.’ Have you seen some of my predecessors??!?”

Madigan told the Courier-Journal

Conway of Kentucky was flattered at Madigan’s suggestion that he was the most attractive.

Best Looking Male Attorney General

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, with his devilish grin and all around good looks was a natural choice for most attractive attorney general.

“This could make for an awkward National Summer meeting of the Attorneys General,” Conway told the Courier-Journal. “At the rate this thing is going, I am afraid someone is going to call for swimsuit and talent competitions,” joked Conway. “But, in all seriousness, I work with a tremendous group of state Attorneys General, and ultimately I hope we are each judged by our character and our actions.”

Word on the street is Conway looks great in a swim suit.

Though overlooked in this particular contest, Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is a total hunk.

Sexiest Attorney General Douglas Gansler

With looks that would make a clear leading man on Law and Order, Gansler must often hear people remark: ‘Is he an attorney general, or does he just play one on TV?’ With offices so close to Obama’s own White House, it is surprising a face like his could be forgotten.

Lori Swanson of Minnesota is more than ‘Minnesota nice’ when it comes to appearences.

Cutest Attorney General Lori Swanson
Swanson is darn right cute, even in a power suit.

South Dakota’s Marty Jackley has a sort of George Clooney sex-appeal. You can tell he’s good in bed.

Most Attractive Attorney General Marty Jackley

Marty Jackley is super hot.

Hottest Attorney General Marty Jackley

It’s not hard to picture Jackley laying down the law, he is a total silver fox.

Martha Coakley of Massachusets is a classic New England beauty. Like Swanson, she might be described as “cute” by someone like Obama. She has aged gracefully and can cook a mean beef stroganoff.

Prettiest Attorney General Martha Coakley

Attorney General Martha Coakley manages to be classically beautiful and cute while appearing judicial.

Though a bit atypical with his ginger hair, Attorney General Chris Koster has a bit of a Robert Redford thing going on.

Best Looking Attorney General Chris Koster

His ruddy complexion and clear blue eyes as well as his cheerful tie make him a logical pick for next year’s hottest attorney general contest.