Vagina Panties, you can buy them on Amazon.

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your extra vagina between your legs?

To lighten the mood around here, we wanted to let you know about these insane and incredibly functional panties we discovered. Shout-out thanks to our wonderful facebook group and Jezebel. The panties are meant for penised folk who want to see how the other half lives, but why limit the market? Put a pair on over your own vajay-jay and prevent pregnancy and STDs!

We are queering sex toys. Put these on your bf or gf or non-gendered sex friend. Wear them on top of clothing, to the mall, whatever. You heard it here first, vaginal panties for all occasions!

The future is latex and now and it feels like sex, but what does sex feel like?

Also, yesterday Terri Gross was talking about this book “Sex and the Citadel” with author Shereen El Feki, and the conversation turned to FGM in the Arab world and it hurt so much I had to switch to Lite FM.

Has that ever happened to you? I wanted to put on my vaginal armor.