Plastic Surgery Victim Costume

Halloween Costumes: Anime Girl, Barbie Girl, Plastic Surgery and other Inspirations

As might be expected, Halloween is our favorite holiday here at Fake Pretty. But with all the horrific options– from Plastic Surgery Victim, a costume executed via clear tape and marker (you can incorporate gauze, fake breasts or whatever else you see fit),

Halloween Costume Plastic Surgery

If you want to go a little bit farther…

Plastic Surgery Haloween Mask

There is even a professional mask option…

Pee Wee Herman as Plastic Surgery Victim

Pee Wee as Plastic Surgery Victim

Jim Carey Scotch Tape Face Costume Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Costume Inspiration

Plastic Surgery Costume Inspiration

plastic-surgery dotted lines

to Honey Boo-Boo Child,

narrowing down the options was difficult. However, after watching many a makeup tutorial on YoutTube and seriously considering dressing as Edward Scissorhands,

the best costume we have come up with is Anime Girl.

Our costume is based upon 19-year-old Anastasia Shpagina from Ukraine who has turned herself into a living Anime character, complete with a questionably *Japanese* name “Fukkacumi.”

Anime Girl on TV

Shpagina exemplifies a disturbing trend in the cartoonifying of women long seen in Asia and embraced in America in the form of Bratz dolls and Steve Madden Ads.

Bratz Dolls

Bratz Dolls

steve_madden bobble head ads

Shpagina is friends with 21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova, also of Ukraine, who has turned herself into a living Barbie doll.

Anime Girl and Barbie Girl Picnic

Anime Girl, left, and Barbie Girl picnic.

While we will get into the obviously questionable ethics of becoming living dolls in later posts, we want to show you some makeup tutorials we found helpful in achieving the creepy Halloween Anime Girl look.

Anime Girl and Barbie Girl

Anime Girl and Barbie Girl.

Anime Girl and regular woman

Apparently, Lady Gaga has created her own version of the costume, which may be helpful for those of you wishing to get very dramatic.

Lady Gaga Anime Eyes

The basic decision is whether to paint eyes on top of your existing eyes, or to go more “natural.” Since it’s Halloween, we’re going to go all the way and paint our lids. We might also try to do something so that when our eyes are open they also look Anime-esque. We might also incorporate tape to get the upturned nose.

If you go for a more natural look, this woman is a fantastic makeup artist.

In other Haloween news, we are also really excited to be attending the premiere of “American Mary” at Lincoln Center on Friday Oct. 27. The film centers around a young female med student who ends up performing elective surgeries on all sorts of freaky clientelle. It was created by twins Jenn and Sylvia Soska, whose NPR interview piqued our interest. We probably will have tons more Halloween costume ideas after seeing the film, so check back soon.

Also, send us photos of your creepiest most Fake Pretty Halloween costumes! If you are more into gore, Zipper Face was our favorite costume in that category.

Zipper Eyes Haloween Makeup Sexy Scary

We are into costumes that show what is beneath the skin–from cyborg to hand stitched doll to the classic Frankenstein.