Women’s Game Night

November 26, 2018 @ 10:45 pm – November 27, 2018 @ 1:00 am
Pride Center of Vermont

The survey results are in! Thanks to YOUR responses, we now have a better idea of what the community would like game night to look like! One of the things we learned from the survey is that the crowd favorite for game category is…*drumroll*….PARTY GAMES! Therefore, we are making this game night’s theme Party Games. We will have a few options for games available at the Pride Center, but PLEASE bring your favorite Party Games that you would like to play (especially if you have a copy of Cards Against Humanity)! Hope you can join us for a relaxed evening of party gaming!

A couple of other Game Night updates:

- Another thing we learned from the survey is that there are a number of folks who would be interested in having game night on Wednesday nights. As a result, we will be starting to alternate game nights between Monday and Wednesday nights on a bi-weekly basis (with the exception of holidays or days when the host is unavailable). Since this game night is on a Monday, you can look forward to our next game night on Wednesday Dec 12th! We’re hoping this change will allow more folks to attend Game Nights!

- We learned so much good info from the Game Night Survey that we decided to keep the Game Night Survey open! We’d like to continue to gather Game Night feedback as more people discover the event! If you are new to Women’s Game Night (or just haven’t filled out the survey yet), please feel free to fill out our survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/C4J6VXMPztJCGaDC3

- Winning at Game Night is fun, but it’s more fun when there’s something to actually win! Starting with this game night, we will be introducing a new trophy for the winner of Women’s Game Night! A new winner will be awarded each night and the only way to win this prestigious achievement is to join us at our next Women’s Game Night @ the Pride Center!!! Stay tuned for more details on this new tradition…

As always, we hope to see you and your games at the next Women’s Game Night!!!

This event is open and available to all community members who wish to participate. Our Pride Center location is accessible via stairs or elevator. If you have any accessibility questions or concerns, please contact the Pride Center staff at (8020 860-7812 or via email at info@pridecentervt.org.


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